Santa Claus Inc.

YES Program

Since 1952 Santa Claus Inc has demonstrated service to the Inland Empire, providing assistance to 10,000 children in need annually.  In early December of each year, parents are escorted through "Santa's Workshop" by personal shopper elves to carefully select coordinated outfits, shoes, toys, and books for each of their children.  Santa Claus Inc schedules 90 families every 30 minutes during a seven day distribution period.  Their mission is to provide critical services to youth in the Inland Empire by empowering children, thereby, strengthening the family unit through a variety of year round and seasonal community based programs. 

Within Santa Claus Inc is the YES program.  The Youth Enrichment Services program envelopes the existing year round programs.  The programs included are

  • Accesible Services in Action Policing (ASAP)- In partnership with local law enforcement officers, we provide 24/7 access to critical need items, and temporary hotel stays for families discovered suffering in homelessness and/or abuse.

  • Adopt a school- partners with local low income schools to provide a backpack, school supplies, seasonal clothing, shoes, and other items for children to help them feel more comfortable among their peers.

  • Belongings- Provides duffle bags for new, incoming foster kids in critical need of clothing, comfort and love.  

  • Birthday in a bag- Ensures that birthdays of children in pverty are celebrated. Birthday in a bag provides a pan, cake mix, and frosting plus party favors, toys and other fun items in a customized dufflebag.

  • Seasonal holiday distribution- Provides seasonal distributions to help children during Easter, Back-to-school, and Halloween.